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THE Capital City Public Market

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 Support Your Local Farmer's Market

It's finally here! The Capital City Public Market opened April 15, 2017 and we are IN!

A little history about the market: 

What started in 1994 with one employee and 10 vendors has erupted in to approximately 150 vendors during peak season and now covers approximately 6 city blocks that are made up of amazingly talented artisan crafters, regional farmers and their delectable fresh produce, local food vendors who make unique and tasty treats. You'll want to check out Bucksort Soda Company's hand crafted root beer while your walking around for a refreshing drink, or grab some loose leaf tea from Thunder Mountain Teas to bring home and brew up your own tasty iced tea to drink in the heat of the summer! 

Why the farmer's market you ask? Why not! Supporting local micro businesses is the latest trend that seems to be here for the long haul. Knowing where your food comes from? Check. Being able to speak directly to the manufacturer about their product? Check. Helping the local economy? Double Check! 

Farmer's markets are a fantastic way to find unique, handmade gifts found nowhere else and to meet amazing and talented individuals with a fantastic entrepreneurial spirit, which is why you will find these peeps here come rain or shine, sleet or snow! (Although we may have our little propane heaters to keep us warm from time to time!) 

So if you're out and about Saturdays in downtown Boise, Idaho, come check out all the amazing vendors, and don't forget to visit the market  at the market website  for all the latest news and updates. You can find Idaho Soap Works on the map here. 

And remember to get there EARLY! Some stuff is so amazing, it literally SELLS OUT! 

See you on the streets! 


Soapily Yours, 


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